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  • RT @SoSoGay_Tech: Two weeks until @EGX so if any devs want to arrange interviews for their games then get in touch! #EGX RT appreciated! 17/Sep/2014 14:27:18
  • RT @EGX: Session news! On Saturday at 12pm Sledgehammer Games presents CoD: Advanced Warfare. http://t.co/y7nEmrtpVO #EGX http://t.co/ydDwb… 17/Sep/2014 14:25:12
  • RT @PocketGamer: Review: Twelve a Dozen http://t.co/MFehOcy6Uz 17/Sep/2014 14:23:16
  • "A clever, welcoming platformer with a lot of heart" @TwelveADozen scores 9/10 on @pocketgamer! - http://t.co/FT94q93ypE 17/Sep/2014 14:16:39
  • @parkermax Hey Max, saw your T3 piece about PC gaming keyboards! Fancy reviewing the latest Corsair model? hit us up! info@indigopearl.com 16/Sep/2014 10:10:13
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