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  • SO STOKED TO FINALLY WORK ON THIS https://t.co/s7AvDRK8Tq 27/Jul/2017 15:23:59
  • RT @quillstreak: Ex-IO Interactive Devs @theUltraUltra Announce #ECHO coming to PC & PS4 on September 19th Trailer: https://t.co/dkHRZgfZW… 27/Jul/2017 15:23:13
  • RT @PSTrophs: ECHO is a Sci-Fi Action Game From Ex-Hitman Devs Coming to PS4 in September https://t.co/rcZKlnEBrf https://t.co/f6iu2s5Nvq 27/Jul/2017 15:16:57
  • RT @rockpapershot: Echo is a shoot-o-sneaker where we face ourselves, out in September from former Hitman devs - https://t.co/VYxNM4sEyH ht… 27/Jul/2017 15:16:29
  • RT @PCGamesN: Echo is a new game from ex-Hitman devs, in which your enemies mirror your own playstyle. https://t.co/IINGxuX36D https://t.co… 27/Jul/2017 15:16:14
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