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  • @rauper @bratterz @AoifeLockhart @johnneh @IanHigton Great to finally meet your heroes 👊🏻 23/Sep/2017 17:19:56
  • RT @InsertCoinTees: Amazing scenes at @EGX, with the lovely @Therealizzard being shorn on the @PlayStation stage for @GamesAid... the BEST… 23/Sep/2017 17:02:12
  • @cmoorin @PeterPanoSan Thanks Callum! 23/Sep/2017 16:59:34
  • RT @EGX: A big thank-you to all of the Good Boys keeping us safe here at EGX. #DogsOfEGX https://t.co/TLVMtHE53A 23/Sep/2017 16:36:51
  • RT @Lizzle_B: Absolute legend @Therealizzard I can't believe this. Total hero. #EGX #gamesaid https://t.co/sQLFHYwEOi 23/Sep/2017 16:32:47
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