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  • RT @wearedxn: Great developer session has just ended with Ken Levine at #rezzed! Ken will be on the show floor checking out the games, say… 30/Mar/2017 12:03:49
  • RT @apacheknowledge: COOL REZZED THING KLAXON!! @jon_NoCode is doing a talk about the amazing Stories Untold at 4:30pm today on the #Rezzed… 30/Mar/2017 11:45:04
  • RT @Brainwash_Gang: You can play Nongünz now at the indie room in the @egx_rezzed!!!! Come and DIE!!! 💀💀💀💀💀 https://t.co/r38UVoMjyH 30/Mar/2017 10:59:05
  • RT @EGX: There are still a few tickets left for tomorrow's after party! https://t.co/fkur2ayjdG #Rezzed https://t.co/e84j2RJE5e 30/Mar/2017 10:28:06
  • RT @bennyleroo: First players of the day getting a taste of @RiMEGame #EGXRezzed https://t.co/lTILmiB1Ow 30/Mar/2017 10:09:16
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