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  • So @Thrungus stopped by today but he left before 13:37 so we can only assume he had something important to do. 24/Jul/2014 12:40:09
  • @kezamacdonald ALWAYS 24/Jul/2014 09:02:43
  • TITAN SOOOUUULLLS! @GamereactorUK chatted to @acidnerve at E3 about your new favourite game: http://t.co/qnLriA14Qt 24/Jul/2014 09:02:24
  • NEWS! @bossastudios mega advisory board made up of @dlk_ok @PercyBlakeney63 @ian_livingstone is GO. Watch out, world! http://t.co/HFa9OXAqpR 03/Jul/2014 11:00:52
  • Gods Will Be Watching, from @Deconstructeam & @devolverdigital, is up for pre-order on Steam! http://t.co/J6w3fZG9R7 http://t.co/WWs4xRNfkR 02/Jul/2014 16:22:56
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